Help a Sister Step on Out!

I need to do some fundraising if I am to get myself to the Preservation Ball, where the Decobelles will be getting a preservation award! Will you subscribe to my charm & beauty book for $10 and help a sister out? 

Dance Like a DecoBelle

coverInspired by Alma Archer’s popular series from the 1930s, How to Be Smart and Charming, this is the first book in the “DecoBelle Series.” I was a founding member of the DecoBelles historic dance troupe and am writing this series to entertain and enlighten current, former and future DecoBelles, Deco Dames, and anyone who loves Art Deco Era women’s culture.
Each chapter will contain a lively essay, charming illustrations, and prescriptives by actual DecoBelles. Topics include:

  • Busby & Esther, Cyd & Ginger
  • Human Cheesecake
  • Designing the Dance
  • Dance Card Management
  • Balls of Gold

Subscribe to Dance Like a DecoBelle for only $10 and receive new chapters via email, plus a copy of the complete ebook when finished.

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  1. My first review: “WOW! That brought me to tears! Seriously…your writing is so wonderful and that last part really got to me! What a lovely thing to say, Kristen. I feel so lucky to have you!” —Laurie Gordon

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