Twelve Ways to Help a Book

If you’ve read a book that you think deserves some attention, here are 12 ways you can spread the word. Just pick one! (This post is linked up to The Bullying Antidote.)

  1. The best way to help is to write a 5-star (it’s important to rate it as 4 or 5 stars) review anywhere… but is the most influential place. The reviews only need to be a sentence or two, highlighting what you liked about the book. This should only take a few minutes.
  2. Mention the book on Facebook (be sure post a link to your review there, too).
  3. Praise it on Twitter and don’t forget to use hashtags! (Like #bullyprevention, #bullyingantidote, etc.)
  4. Write a blog post about it, or suggest it as a subject to a blog writer you know. (Ask for a free review copy if necessary.)
  5. Re-blog one of the author’s blog posts or pagesor forward to someone you think might be interested.
  6. Recommend it to teachers, administrators, PTAs, and religious educators if it can be used in classes.
  7. Write an article about it for a magazine or newspaper.
  8. “Like” the author’s Facebook page or their book page.
  9. Write a review on Goodreads.
  10. Discuss the book in your book club.
  11. Encourage people you know to buy it as a Christmas or birthday gift.
  12. Pin the cover or a quote on Pinterest, or share on any social media sites using share buttons, found everywhere.

This post was adapted from Elizabeth Wagele’s announcement for The Enneagram of Teens, a wonderful tool for helping young people build self-knowledge and understanding. Please check it out!

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