Two New Lecture Series…featuring ME!

You know how cool things sometimes pile up to create a whole new bigger cool thing? By some strange fortune I am speaking at not one but TWO new member lecture series at the lovely Bellevue Club this week!

  1. Wellness Wednesdays: Imagine the EcoBellevue, Wednesday, April 18th, 1pm
  2. Members on the Mic: Socialites, Socialism, and Anti-Socialization Friday, April 20th after dinner.

Imagine: The EcoBellevue

The first series, Wellness Wednesdays, evolved out of the Wellness Week I hosted last January. The series kicked off last month with a talk about the healing powers of light. On Wednesday April 18, just before Earth Day, I will be talking about my work in sustainability, which is wellness in the big picture. In October, when poet Amos White introduced me with Hope, that blazing light,” I felt it, deep. It’s hard to get to hope. But we have to. I will be talking about:

  • The psychology of change, resistance to change, and adaptation, and how our individual strengths can have global implications.
  • Project Drawdown and the 100 ways we can draw down greenhouse gas concentrations through local community action.
  • Idle Free Oakland, my movement to bring idle-free awareness to progressive Oakland and all of California
  • Invocation, my multi-media meditation on change, a poetic collaboration-in-progress with pianist Daniel Finnamore around a tempestuous piece of classical music by Franz Liszt.
  • and finally, I will present some research on how we can begin the work to bring the historic Bellevue Club into a sustainable second century.

Please come if you are curious about how to talk to others about the psychology and spirituality of climate change;  green renovation, green historic building restoration or “Historecycle;” want to learn a simple hack for saving gas; or want a sneak peek at a nascent creative project.  Bellevue members are especially encouraged to attend! Suggested donation at the door is $15. There is off-street parking in the garage on the top floor. The talk will be in the Terrace Room on the 4th floor after lunch.

Whether or not you can come to the lecture, please take the Drawdown test and join the EcoBellevue Challenge or another one at Project Drawdown. You are my hope! Be part of The Great Solution.


Socialites, Socialism, and Anti-Socialization: So?

cc6d36aea6b50d09204aed7d25fade1dEvery third Friday, one featured member will invite a few others to speak, sing, or tell stories at the club’s “Members on the Mic” FAB (Friday at the Bellevue). As the Bellevue Club’s resident muse, I get to go first!

I teach dance at the Club as KRS-10 on Wednesdays at 9am. Last year I produced a dozen or more innovative events in her efforts to “energize the Bellevue,” which you can see on

On April 20th I will expound on about social club society as it was, as it is, and what it could be. Since I’m the featured member, my friends and fans are all welcome to come as my guests! Please contact me if you’d like to come for dinner at 6:30, or a drink at the bar.

What do you think?

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