What I Did For National Bullying Month

It’s been a busy October!
imgresI started a little job as Site Lead at an elementary school for the NoBully program. After having written about out-of-the-box Bully Prevention Programs (Chapter 6 of TBA), it is interesting to be involved in one! NoBully succeeds by building empathy…a key component of Zorgos! (More on this later.)
But there is BIGGER NEWS! BIG BIG BIG! I have been laying the groundwork for a new program in conjunction with Oakland Parents Together: The Zorgos Project.
zp postcard
It’s a gigantic reading group for parents who know each other from schools, churches, families, neighborhoods, work, or other communities who want to change the bullying dynamic. I have spent the entire month preparing for TODAY’S LAUNCH!!
The Zorgos Project will be giving away 3000 copies of The Bullying Antidote to Oakland readers!
Learn about it, participate in it, and please please support it here on Start Something Good! If I can raise get $5000 of pledges Thanksgiving, the project will be funded.

It costs 25¢ to ship a book to Oakland Can you sponsor a few?

What do you think?