What’s a Creative Convivium?

Why, I am SO glad you asked!

An ancient Roman convivium was a special gathering to eat, drink, and hold conversation, with the host inviting interesting people to speak or perform. Kind of like a symposium but more convivial?

Le Dolce Divas… friends forever, first time jamming!

I’m throwing one. Very soon. And it is going to be fabulous! The venue is the incredibly elegant Bellevue Club (dress up okay?), so there will be plenty to eat and drink (salads and soup from $6; wonderful entrées, dazzling desserts and a full bar), and the interesting people performing are lyric soprano Alexandra Alise and jazz chanteuse pianist Sara Klotz de Aguilar. The conversation and program will be themed around The Sweet Life, (a.k.a. La Dolce Vita since Alexa will be fresh off the plane from Rome and Italian arias will be swirling around), which we will examine from all angles. But wait, there’s more! Daniel Finnamore will play classical piano from 11:30 to 12 to sweeten up the room…

And you’re invited!

Please join me on August 9th 2017, from 12-3pm! Make your reservation for either lunch (12pm) or just coffee/cocktails (1pm) at 510-451-1000 and bring a donation for the artists (suggested $15).

This is just the first of what I hope will be a quarterly arts luncheon feature of my new program, The Flourishing Artist. Learn more at Convivium: “La Dolce Vita” and say you are coming on Facebook!

is your mouth watering yet?

What do you think?