Year of the Pig Since 1992

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

It’s always year of the Pig at our house. is where my creative family publishes operas and stuff. (Mostly stuff.)


Those on our Christmas Card list get treated to a handcrafted original each year, some of which are available on Zazzle, where the bestseller is “Sky Uterus,” a sympathy card for hysterectomy patients.


You can shop for books and tshirts and all sorts of interesting things, and all proceeds directly support the peripatetic artists.


No, the domain name is not for sale, please don’t ask; and we are especially not interested in joining your porn collective; we don’t work blue.

Because it’s basically a love story. Here’s  how it all began!

The Backwards Story of Little Pig Productions.

Chapter One

In middle school, Dave drew a pig because there were already cartoon cats, dogs, and most other farm animals, thanks to Sandra Boynton.

Dave got famous for drawing this pig. “Hey Dave, draw me a pig,” his friends and acquaintances would say.

Dave was popular and everyone wanted to be like him because he could draw a pig.

Dave drew a pig for Kristen.

Chapter Two

Dave asked Kristen to marry him.

Kristen got a computer.

Kristen sent a letter to the Hometown Newspaper to tell them the news.

KRISTEN: “Our lives are so boring. You work in a warehouse and I’m a temp. All these other people in the wedding pages graduated from MIT and found a cure for cancer.”

DAVE: “Tell them we’ve just finished our third opera.”

KRISTEN: “I should put in on some sort of letterhead to make it look official.”

DAVE: “I can draw a pig.”

KRISTEN: “What shall we call ourselves? Big Pig or Little Pig?”

DAVE: “Little. At this point, very little.”

Chapter Three

The rest is history.



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