ZORGOS PROJECT fundraiser ends tonight!

I am not BULLYING you into donating with this final fundraising push… I’m asking! Nicely! (And a little giddy at the 11th hour!)

book-tiltedOne of my dear readers tells me he opens The Bullying Antidote every day to a random page, and like an oracle, there is always a bit of wisdom that applies to his life. Opening it tonight, I come across this line: “It seem so simple: if you want something, ask for it. But most of us try everything else first.” 

ZORGOS funnyI have tried entertaining everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and email with stories and movies—even a blooper reel!

Now, I would never stoop to bullying my beloved fans into making a donation, so here goes my third and final direct and charming ASK:

Pretty please make a donation RIGHT NOW to The Zorgos Project! We have a $1000 matching donation and our crowdfunding operation ends at midnight Wednesday

Thursday, we will give thanks for one another, and how awesome we are to make this happen together!

Click here to see more pictures from last night’s celebration & kickoff.

And now for a different kind of ASK:

bunnyPlease for the love of God donate; I’m sick of fundraising and can’t wait to start the work! So listen to this bunny:


p.p.s. Happy Holidays, starting NOW, to you and yours!!!

What do you think?