Two words: WOOT!


You don’t need words to be a good Zumba™ teacher. You just have to point in the right direction at the right time. Oh, and remember what happens next. But I use a lot of them. I love sharing interesting, weird things about the songs I teach, the moves I use, and talk back to current events with my playlist.

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My motto is “Sweat Yourself Silly.” My other motto is “Fun First, Fitness Follows.” My class is called “Happy Dance with KRS-10” and yes, we actually do the Snoopy Dance.

Here are videos of my choreography: I Am Woman, and (most requested) My Shot from Hamilton. Oh, and there’s this…!


What’s Behind my Dance Evangelism…

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Before I was 30, I achieved a lifelong goal of dancing with fruit on my head before I was 30, but starting a family kept me off the dance floor until I discovered ZUMBA™.

When I made a commitment to myself to exercise well, and often, I was better able to keep it by leading others in the most enjoyable workout ever. (Here’s an article about how Zumba helps with writing.)

A big fan of ballroom dance and Broadway & Hollywood musicals, I’ve taught teens to swing, was a founding member of the DecoBelles (bathing beauties/femmes fatales/pinup girls), and was the first lucky gal to wear the first Miss Art Deco sash & tiara.

But with Zumba, I discovered my inner hip-hopper and evolved into KRS-10. I teach classes at Oakland Tech High School and the Bellevue Club, and do Zumbathons and Dance Playshops whenever I can. Sign up for Zumbannouncements here.


And now a literary shout-out: is Zumba the Bandaloop come to life?

An excerpt from Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins:

After exposing corruption and chicanery in two governing bodies and three major industries, the program focused on a new dance craze that was sweeping Argentina.

They call it the Bandaloop, said the announcer,  “and everyone is doing it.

Priscilla sat up in bed.

On the screen, the dancers were skipping and bounding about the floor in a kind of exaggerated polka. Every once in a while, they would stop, execute a little backward and forward jitterbug stop, then, yelling  “Bandaloop! they would jump straight in the air, up and down, five times.

Priscilla sat more erect.  “Morgenstern, she whispered.  “But the bandaloop is more than just another dance fad,” the announcer said.  “It is a health fad, as well. Supposedly, it can add years, even decades, to your life.”