A good blog marries art and design with and good writing, and keeps you in suspense waiting for the next post. Over the years I’ve created blogs of every nature, each of them standing alone with a clear concept and purpose. Some even have beginnings, middles, and ends.  And some of them are collaborative.

In alphabetical order….

Awesomeness Development & Happiness Directive

Posts from my Life in the Fast Brain column were collected on Subscribe to AD&HD, thank goodness, since ADDitude Mag stopped featuring columns. On my to-do list: finish the story arc and publish a book about living well with an interest-driven nervous system and about unlocking the power of ADHD. Narrative nonfiction, personal essay, parenting, psychology, mental health, neurodiversity.

Depression Glasses

This is a curated blog featuring great ways to live in the “new depression era” in a positive way, inspired by what worked in earlier times when things were tight. Time-travel treasure-hunting… Contributors welcome! An attempt at lifestyle/how to/mental health/economizing.

2332175Fairytale Reality

Has your life ever felt like a fairytale? Did you ever have a Jack-and-the-Beanstalk moment or a Sleeping Beauty kiss, even as a metaphor? This is the “backstory blog” for my musical. Contributors welcome… leave true tales and tall tales in the comments! Fantasy, personal stories, fairytales

Generous Muse

This is a separate website of my elegant & unusual events that invite the arts to flow. Subscribe and follow to attend & enjoy!

The Homemade Hybrid Blog

In 2007, I went out to research just HOW MUCH GAS it takes to start a warm engine. When I discovered the shocking truth about ten-second rule, I started driving a “homemade hybrid” — just by kicking the idling habit! My first published article on, an early international magazine on Climate Calming solutions, inspired me to started this blog and become an anti-idling evangelist. Community action, personal essay, environment, economy, air quality, health, global warming

Idle-Free Oakland

Hoping to start a movement, I created Idle Free Oakland, an educational resource based on the ten-second rule. This site provides materials and information for schools, businesses, and individuals in my community who want to join hundreds of cities and states worldwide in keeping air cleaner and safer. Contributors welcome. Community action, environment, economy, air quality, health, global warming

Life in the Fast Brain

When my son was diagnosed with attention deficit, inattentive type, I had no doubt about where he’d gotten the gene. I writes about my creative and comedic ADHD family, being a patient mother with a brain built for speed, and my sudden enrollment in “ADD School.” Personal essay, mental health, parenting, Neurodiversity

Little Old Legacies

Every family has an ancestor whose name has taken on a life of its own, or who gets credit for an amusing or twist bit of wisdom or lore that may have nothing to do with their life’s work. This just-for-fun blog is a place to share “Ironic memories of iconic loved ones.” Contributors welcome! Family jokes, grandmothers, aunties, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, humor

Shoes, a Mirror, and a Big, Pink Rose

In the folly of my youth, I attempted to write an ambitious musical trilogy. For years, I blogged about the ups and downs and ins and outs of the creative process. Then the energy petered out and I started working on novelizations. Theater, music, creativity, producing, dramaturgy, personal narrative

Styrofoam is Forever

A collaborative tumblr showcasing an ongoing project with my bff: Before you throw that styrofoam away, write something on it! Your words will live on long after you. Contributors welcome! Photo blog, environment, crowdsourcing, waste management, culture hacking, protest

story starts hereTen Days,Ten Pounds

The night before a milestone trip to Italy with the sole purpose of filling stomachs with food and eyes with art, my bff needs emergency brain surgery instead. Should I stay or should I go? I blogged her 8-day adventures in 33 posts, climbing every mountain, praying in every cathedral, and savoring Italy’s nourishment. On my to do list: developing Ten Days, Ten Pounds into a travel memoir. Narrative nonfiction, travel, Italy, friendship, coming of age, neurological adventures

The Souls of Her Feet BLOOK!

When you use a BLOG to write a BOOK, you can call it a BLOOK! My first draft of The Souls of Her Feet was published serially over the course of a year. The online edition contains audio and video links, plus a fictional e-mail backstory between the creators of the musical, and it’s perpetually FREE to read online!  Fiction, multimedia

Walkin’ with Joaquin’

What I thought would be a year in the woods became longer and longer…and I blogged the whole time. Things you can read there include: Watching the weather change from fire season to water season to mushroom season to green season, and then back to fire • meeting with the Ohlones and plumbers and a jazz trombonist and the tree guys • finding the secret costume shop and forest gnomes • dreaming of belonging and pondering projectsdiscovering history and making history • sharing poems by and about Joaquinpoems by poet laureatesmourning Mills, climbing hills • writing about trees and trees and trees and trees • poetry therapy,  the cyclone bomb, and the day I really had to rough it and make a spoon out of a stick. Sign up to follow it here!

Wandering Pieimages

When I first began blogging, I didn’t share it with anyone. Now with over 2 million hits, Wandering Pie continues to be the place where I put random essays, lyrics, thoughtful rants, personal stories, and of course recipes that don’t fit anywhere else. Subscribe to The Peripatetic Ponderings of One Wandering Woman and enjoy some highly occasional “Serious Whimsy.” Recipes, rants, random blog posts, lyrics, poetry, musings

A Writer’s Log…

For a few years, as I was getting my writing career off the ground, I wrote 39 posts about her writing life on an early version of this website. They still make for good reading! Personal narrative

The Zorgos Reader

A companion to her book, The Bullying Antidote, The Zorgos Reader is a curated blog showcasing stories from around the web that illuminate a unique approach to the bullying dynamic. Contributors welcome! Articles, reviews, parenting tips, psychology, news, ACEs, resources.