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Got Flab?

(Who doesn’t?)

If you don’t have flab, then you probably already know everything. Good on you!
Our learners love it, move it, work it with intention!
Our vitality classes in movement, nutrition, and communal positivity build health, happiness, and hope.

Pix pix pix

Dance fitness with a literary twist!


A self-guided & community-supported nutrition game for eating like great grandma did

On pause

’til post-pandemic…

Programs by Kristen Caven based on the traditional pathways to happiness (as defined by Positive Psychology): Positivity, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, Achievement, and Vitality.

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The Writing Well

A writing support group designed for those writing to heal themselves or the world. Includes skills for releasing trauma and community support. We write our own futures!


A series of talks over tea for college students focusing on areas of traditional “feminine” arts & soft skills, finding strengths in traditions that are undervalued  and supporting ourselves with good information.

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